Ingardia Bros. Produce Inc. Market Report 

Mar. 25, 2009


After a well received good weekend the Market has settled down to expected sales. ICEBERG LETTUCE prices about the same as last week, but growers are trying to go up in price, but demand has not picked up which is keeping prices steady. ROMAINE LETTUCE prices are reasonable with no changes. ROMAINE HEARTS prices steady this week, but product is getting short in supply as the transition between South and North growing areas is beginning. LEAFY LETTUCES: GREEN LEAF, RED LEAF, BOSTON LETTUCE prices steady this week. PARSLEY, ITALIAN PARSLEY, KALE steady. PURPLE FLOWERING KALE is unchanged in price. WHITE KALE, ESCAROLE, ENDIVE unchanged in price this week. CELERY prices are steady this week. CABBAGE GREEN price is down this week. CABBAGE RED price is unchanged, still above normal. BOK CHOY price is steady. NAPA CABBAGE price is steady. MUSTARD, COLLARD no real changes. GREEN ONIONS prices are steady this week. LEEKS prices have leveled off this week. BROCCOLI and BROCCOLI CROWNS prices are up again this week with supplies very short. CAULIFLOWER prices are down this week. CILANTRO no changes. HERBS are no prices changes. CARROTS, TURNIPS, DAIKON, PARSNIPS, RUTABEGAS no changes. LOOSE BEETS supply has shortened up this week, jumbo's are just about non-existent, mostly medium sizes and prices are up. RADISHES (LOOSE) no changes from last week. RADISHES (BUNCH) unchanged this week. ARTICHOKES Prices unchanged this week on both the 'regular' (at a higher price) and 'frost-kissed' (lower priced) Artichokes. ASPARAGUS from California and Mexico, market firming up with the California crop higher. Prices will keep going up due to low volume. CORN out of Mexico, no price, but still above normal. Check for quality issues. CUCUMBERS very limited supply, prices are up and will continue above normal. Baja has started, but with very limited supply. BELL PEPPERS (YELLOW & RED) prices are down this week and will continue going down as supply in the Market is up. BELL PEPPERS (GREEN) same as Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, prices are down and will continue that way. GREEN BEANS very, very short and very high in price, currently mid $50's, and quality is marginal. SQUASHES, the GREEN variety, price is down this week. The YELLOW variety price is down also. GOLDBAR prices down this week. EGGPLANT out of Mexico, prices have turned around and gone up, very short in supply as the Mexican crop is winding down. TOMATOES out Mexico are in a growing 'gap' with very limited supply on all varieties, but especially short are the Roma variety. Cherry Tomatoes are still very short also, prices way up on all sizes, but especially the larger sizes as they are shorter that the other sizes. BANANAS supply still short, prices still on the high side this week. ORANGES (Navels) no changes. LEMONS prices up just slightly, maybe

$ .50 to $1. LIMES up in price this week on the large sizes only. STRAWBERRIES prices are down on product be harvested regionally. Product out the the northern growing are new fields and product is higher. RASPBERRIES out of Mexico, very limited supply, prices remain on the hight side. BLUEBERRIES out of Chile, supply winding down, prices are firming up. BLACKBERRIES from Mexico, no price changes from last week. PINEAPPLES prices are firming up this week due to increased demand supply limited. WATERMELONS no changes. CANTALOUPES product out of Central America, the bigger sizes short and higher. AVOCADOS supply on the Chilean crop finished. The Mexican crop is more plentiful this week, but prices have leveled off. EGGS prices up

$ .09 to $ .10 per dozen on the larger sizes. RUSSET POTATOES prices unchanged on the larger sizes, but the smaller sizes are down about $1. IDAHO POTATOES prices no change. WHITE ROSE POTATOES steady, but still on the high side in price. RED ROSE POTATOES out of Washington, steady in price this week. KENNEBEKS no changes. ONIONS (ALL) prices are unchanged. YUKON GOLD no changes this week.