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   June 16, 2014 we celebrated our 41st year in business.

Just as we have done in the past, we are looking into the future on how we can better serve our customers. There is that old saying, “Take care of your customers, or your competition will!” Our main concern as a food supplier to restaurants, hospitals, schools, caterers and senior living homes has always been Food Safety First. All fresh Produce is all USDA inspected. Dairy products, frozen goods, groceries are only purchased from manufacturers that are inspected and approved by U.S. government agencies. Our imported products are also inspected by the the Food and Drug Administration. Since we only sell to the food service industry, and not the retail industry, we are always looking to bring quality, freshness and yield for maximum usage to our customers. Those factors help contain food costs, which is the ultimate goal for those in the food service industry.


Our current facility in Santa Ana is HACCP (Analysis and Critical Control Point System) designed and built specifically for food distribution. It is Third Party inspected by AIB with a very high rating. Temperature control is essential, and our facility is uniquely structured to take care of that. We receive the products with refrigerated trucks, we stage them under controlled temperature, and we have refrigeration monitors both for refrigeration and gases produced by certain fruits and vegetables. The temperature chain is kept until the product is delivered to each one of our customers in refrigerated trucks. Our fleet of trucks, now numbering more than 60 maintained by our in-house mechanics in Santa Ana. We are proud to be receiving our first three hybrid trucks this month.



Our employees are our biggest assets. Our buyers Cruz Sandoval and Michael Ojeda have been with us for more than 25 years. Some of our supervisors have been with Ingardia Bros since the very beginning, for 40 years. Our sales staff manager David Samuels has been here for more than 25 years with his sales team of 10 reps. Some of them were chefs or in managerial roles at food services locations. Tom White, our seafood buyer and manager, has been overseeing 12 qualified seafood cutters for the past 30 years. Yes, we are proud of our 170-plus employees and we reward them with good pay and great benefits. The future looks bright with most of the recession behind us. We at Ingardia Bros will continue to work together with our chefs, providing the heirloom vegetables that are always on demand, always keeping in mind to provide products that are grown as locally as possible, just as we have been doing for the past four decades.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers and hope that new ones will come to see what Ingardia Bros food distribution is all about.
Sam & Joe Ingardia



Ingardia Brothers is a HACCP / Food Safe Facility

Our seafood processing and distribution is fully HACCP certified. We have taken every precaution needed. We have very high standards and follow very strict guidelines with temperatures and sanitations. We are third party and FDA inspected annually, to make sure our customers get the highest and safest quality seafoods available.

We also follow a complete Food Safe / HACCP plan for our warehouse that houses our produce and groceries. Our Repacked items are packed in a temperature controlled environment to make sure all items are handled with care and sorted to make sure our customers get the best, and highest quality! We are always welcome to having tours of our facility. Please contact the office.


Online Ordering!

Our online ordering system is available to all customers wanting to place orders and view account information online. Our web service utilizes the latest web technologies to ensure your online experience is fast, efficient and most of all secure. Be sure to speak with your Sales person if you would like to start ordering online today!


700 S. Hathaway St. Santa Ana, Ca 92705  /    Phone: 949-645-1365